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Rome 100

Rome Drabble Challenge
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rome100 is a weekly 100 word, drabble community based on Rome the series, and inspiredby other 100 word drabble communities such as wednesday100 and open_on_sunday.


+ Every Monday a challenge/prompt is posted. You then have until Sunday night to reply in a new post with a drabble that is in someway connected to the challenge. On Sunday there will be a post marking the end of that weeks drabbles. After that any drabbles for that challenge can be posted as a comment to the closing post.

+ Each story is encouraged to be 100 words exactly, but a few over or under won’t be the end of the world.

+ Each story must be Rome centered, but crossovers are welcome.

+ If you posting more than one drabble in one post then well done, but also please use cut-tags for each drabble to keep things tidy.

+ There is no rating limit, but if a story is rated R or above, please mark it and state any adult themes it may contain e.g. graphic violence, and pop it behind a cut-tag.

+ Feel free to share any drabble theme suggestions in that weeks prompt post.

+ Keep things friendly. No flaming, spamming, trolling, bullying or generally hateful posts.

+ Pimping is allowed so long as it's to do with Rome e.g. ficathons, new sites etc.


+ Interested? Drop me a comment

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